One of the best new features included in Android 5.0 Lollipop is Smart Lock, which allows your phone to unlock automatically when it’s connected to a pre-authorized device, and keeps it locked the rest of the time. Smart Lock, for example, can already scan your face in the background while you’re checking notifications or activate if you’re wearing a connected Android Wear device. Now, Google is expanding the service with a new option based on your location.

The new feature is called Trusted Places and it works pretty much as the name implies. Head into the updated Smart Lock menu and you’ll see the latest option alongside Trusted devices and Trusted face. Click it and you’ll immediately have two pre-installed choices, Home and Work, though you can also add your own trusted places using a Google Maps interface. If you’re in a designated trusted place, you’ll be be able to skip the lockscreen on your phone, but as soon as you leave the area it will automatically lock up again.

Trusted places may not be quite as cool as other Smart Lock options that use Bluetooth, NFC and face-scanning cameras, but it’s still a pretty clever time saver. The update is rolling out this week as part of Google Play Services 6.5, but if you just can’t wait hit the source link below and grab the update now.