Google’s effort to improve low-end, entry-level devices will continue with Android 9.0 Pie later this year.

As the initiative approaches its one-year anniversary, the Mountain View-based company unveiled what’ll be included in its upgrade. With more than 200 devices available in over 120 countries, Android Go doesn’t seem like a project on the backburner. There’s plenty of interest for it to succeed around the world but especially in emerging markets.

The improvements are set to include up to an additional 500MB of internal storage, faster boot times, security enhancements, and a dashboard understanding data consumption. While you may not find any value in these features, anyone with an Android Go device will appreciate them.

It’s the higher amount of storage that users will appreciate more than anything else. Android Go devices can get bogged down easily, but the extra 500MB could alleviate those concerns.

So far, Android 9.0 Pie (Go Edition) is on track to be released in the fall. Google should have more details about its roll-out in the coming months. High-end and mid-range devices, meanwhile, will continue waiting for the full-blown version of Pie to arrive as we head into 2019.