Contradicting recent evidence, sources speaking to TechCrunch say Android Pay will not go live at any Subway or McDonalds locations today—or even this week.

When the service was announced earlier this year, Google never said when it would actually go live, instead leaving it vague for a fall launch. However, recent leaks have pointed to availability as early as today, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. TechCrunch doesn’t say when Android Pay will go live, which means we’ll have to sit back and wait for an announcement.

Seeing as some big food joints are name dropping Android Pay, the service’s launch does look imminent. With only a few days left in August, September is looking like a more likely launch month. That’s also when Samsung Pay, which promises to be one of the stronger payment services, is launching here in the U.S.

Android Pay will allow consumers to take advantage of NFC terminals and utilize tap to pay using their smartphone. Additionally, Google has developed an API that will allow Android users to make digital payments. Combine this with the impending takeover of fingerprint technology in Android Marshmallow, and payments are about to (again) be a big part of the Android experience.

Google’s Android Pay website still says the service is coming soon, but we imagine that will change any minute.