Google is planning to launch its mobile payment platform, Android Pay, in Canada on Wednesday, May 31, reveals a new report published by MobileSyrup.

Unfortunately, Google’s still yet to specify the banks it has chosen to partner with for Android Pay’s debut in the region, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll work with American Express cards from the get-go.

With Canada scheduled to make its way onto the list by the end of the month, Google only has to launch Android Pay in three more countries — Brazil, Spain and Taiwan — to bring it on par with Apple Pay.

Android Pay will soon be baked into Google Assistant

It’s great to see Google finally paying more attention to Android Pay. Not only is it focusing on releasing it in more regions later this year, but it’s also planning to bake it into Google Assistant.

What this essentially means is that at some point in the future you’ll be able to tell Assistant you want a takeout and it will ask you follow-up questions to place an order, then charge the credit card you have on file.

We can’t wait.