Although Android Pay was officially made available last week, not everyone could download it right away. That meant people had to wait around for it to show up—or, if you were really impatient, you could just sideload it, though Google asked people not to do that. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the new platform last week, and made a video about our experience.

As of now, Android Pay is only available in the U.S., though it’ll likely be more widely accessible as time goes on. Remember, Apple Pay took a while to really catch fire, so it’ll be a while before Google’s platform is really on a par.

Without using Android Pay with a fingerprint sensor, the service isn’t quite as elegant as what you’d get with an iPhone. However, Google’s new software update, Android Marshmallow, will come with native fingerprint support, so we should start seeing many more Android devices with the technology in the future. In fact, Google allegedly has two new Nexus devices with fingerprint readers on the way, which will be perfect for Android Pay’s arrival.

You can check out Android Pay in action in the video below.