The latest version of Android shouldn’t be too far from making its global debut.

Google might release Android P for mobile devices around the world later in a few weeks, according to insider Evan Blass.

His calendar is marked for Monday, August 20. The leak doesn’t explicitly say anything about Android P but instead shows a calendar with a ‘P’ stamped on the aforementioned date. Now the countdown begins as the major software update seems to be on the horizon. In recent months, Google’s made several reminders that Android P would arrive later this summer.

Over the last five months, Google has worked with developers to fine-tune Android P. The Developer Preview, which is in its final stage, has allowed everyone to get a feel for the software prior to its public roll-out.

If you own a Pixel phone, you’ll receive the system-level upgrade before anyone else. Third-party devices, meanwhile, are left in limbo. Some companies have been participating in the Android Beta Program, but it’s more likely that many devices get Android P in 2019 or never at all.

The Android distribution numbers for July 2018 weren’t pretty. While Android Oreo finally stepped up, it’s already due to be replaced. Android P will experience a similar path because, despite Google’s best efforts, other companies are not rolling out software updates in a timely manner.

When Google does set forth the public build of Android P, we’ll get our hands on it immediately and share our analysis. Android P Developer Preview 5 should be close to what’s on the way, but the Mountain View-based company could have a couple new features tossed in as well.