With the first developer release of Android P, the attention now turns to the biggest question of any Android release: What will it be called?

There has been rampant speculation for some time as to what the "P" version of Android would be called with a lot of attention being paid to "Pumpkin Pie." While that is an excellent choice, as we started digging a bit for food items starting with the letter to build this poll, we were a bit stunned by the embarrassment of riches Google could pull from.

Google has used name brands twice in the line with KitKat and Oreo, so we think Pop-Tarts is a possibility, but unlikely with the number of choices that wouldn't require a licensing deal. You also have to think about what the eventual Android statue will look like, and a Pop-Tart would make a good one, but what about Popsicle? Pizza seems like an easy one as well. Pancake pretty much explains itself (although, keep Android W in mind where choices are slimmer and the company may want to use Waffle). Peppermint is another easy logo to pull off as well.

And an Android standing next to a jar of Preserves? Sure!

There really are just too many good choices this time around… but we don't envy them when it comes to Android Q, that's for sure.

Take a moment to vote in our poll and let us know what your top choice is for the name of Android P!