Google last year entertained the idea of introducing a Dark Mode to Android, and it looks like Android P could be the version where the feature is introduced.

Toward the end of last year, an Android user posted in Google’s Issue Tracker, pleading with the search giant to consider adding a Dark Mode. Their argument was that because OLED displays are more prevalent in the smartphones we use, a Dark Mode could potentially improve battery life.

Not long after the request was made, Google responded by saying its engineering team would explore how to enable the feature. Fast forward to this week, and Google provided a very welcome update:

Our engineering team has added this feature. It will be available in a future Android release.

Needless to say, people were excited by the news.

“Thank you!” one user responded to Google. “My eyes thank you! So tired of white backgrounds.”

The caveat here is Google doesn’t specify which future Android release will introduce the feature. However, if the engineering team at Google has already added the feature, chances are high Android P will mark Dark Mode’s debut.

Which is good, because the presence of a Dark Mode on devices with OLED displays could see some serious battery gains. At this point, there no reason not to add it.

Google typically unveils new versions of Android at its I/O conference in the spring, so we should learn more very soon.