According to VentureBeat, the search giant is putting an emphasis on “assistive features” in Android O, with the intent of making its software more user-friendly and easier to navigate. One such feature could include “finger gestures,” which the report says could trigger actions across Android.

“For example, the source said, if you draw the letter C onscreen, then Android will show a short list of recent contacts,” VentureBeat wrote in a report Tuesday, citing anonymous sources.

Screen gestures aren’t necessarily new in the world of Android, and are in fact available in a number of third-party devices and launchers. Google’s implementation will seemingly be designed to make accessing information less tap-intensive; simply draw a symbol and that’s it.

Another potential feature will see Android’s built-in Messages app recognize when certain text appears onscreen. For example, if a friend sends you an address, you’ll be able to open the address in an app like Google Maps. Currently, if someone sends you an address, clicking on it does nothing.

Smarter all around

Google is also reportedly working on a feature known as “Copy Less,” which VentureBeat claim would “cut down on the annoyance of copying text from one app and pasting it to another.” The website says Copy Less may actually be a core feature of Gboard, not necessarily Android O.

VentureBeat notes many of the features mentioned in its report may get delayed or never ship at all. We’ll find out more as we approach Google’s annual developer conference.