Anxious to find out what dessert Google will choose for the next version of Android? You won’t have to wait too much longer, as the Android team on Wednesday said an announcement is coming in just a few weeks.

Shortly after Google I/O last month, the company began accepting submissions from fans for what the name should be. Now, the Android team has seemingly pored over suggestions to choose a winner. A name was probably chosen a long time ago, but I guess it’s fun for the community to feel like they have a say.

There are, of course, a number of possibilities, so guessing at this point is futile. Most people seem to agree Google will go with Nutella—who doesn’t like Nutella?—but there’s also Nougat, Nutmeg, Nut Brittle, etc.

Google unveiled the first preview of Android N all the way back in March, and other preview releases have followed since then. We’re still not expecting a consumer release to roll out until this fall, but at least we’ll know the final name long before then.