Google skipped a formal announcement, but there’s a new version of Android Messages rolling out worldwide. It replaces the existing look and feel with another Material Design makeover.

While everything seems to be in the same spots, Android Messages was overhauled with fresh font (Product Sans) and colors to match Google’s current design language. The entire app now features light, bright shades of colors throughout. But you’re able to switch the background between black and white depending on your preferences.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize chat bubbles for each contact. Google dropped that from the app with this update. So warm up to those pastels or install a third-party messaging app.

Here’s a look at Android Message post-update:

The new Android Messages aligns closely with Google Phone and Google Contacts. Both apps have been updated in recent weeks, embracing a single style between them.

If you’d like to experience Android Messages following the update, you can install the APK file yourself. It’s easy, too. Just head over to APK Mirror, download the newest version of Android Messages from the list, and install over the current version. When you open the app again, it should be bright and pastel-happy.