Google’s Android is so customizable that you can change almost all aspects of the user interface to your needs. Still, Google is allegedly working to completely redesign the entire mobile operating system in an effort to make sure all of its apps across all platforms look and operate similarly. A report from Android Police recently said that Google’s name for its Android redesign is “Quantum Paper.”

Android Police explained that Google isn’t just looking to make sure all of its own apps and user interfaces look uniform, but that the company will also provide tools so that developers can make sure that their apps reflect the same design language. Polymer, a kit of dev tools that are already available, may play a huge role in future of Android. In the end, apps designed for iOS, Android and Chrome (and other places on the Web) will all offer similar design traits. You can see what we mean in the screenshots above, which show different versions of Gmail for the Web and for Android. The shots were first revealed by in April.

Apparently Quantum Paper is going to hit Android devices when Google decides to release the next full version of Android. We’re on KitKat right now, so it’s expected to hit whenever Android L makes its debut — and we don’t know when that will be. Google I/O kicks off soon, but it seems like it may be a bit early to hear about this total redesign.