We just got the Developer Preview 3 up and running in a Nexus 5 here in the office, and the first thing we noticed was Android’s fancy new boot animation. It doesn’t appear to have a particular theme behind it, though it pretty closely matches the animations and color scheme of Material Design, which Google introduced with Android Lollipop. It’s a small addition—and how often to you really pay attention to a boot animation?—but it’s a fun little change.

I get it: after unboxing a new Nexus, your first experience with Android is the boot animation, so it’s no real surprise to see Google changing things up. We are getting a bump to Android 6.0 after all.

We’ll be digging into the latest preview of Android Marshmallow to see what’s new, but this is something we wanted to address now. It doesn’t look like Now on Tap is available in the latest preview, which is a huge disappointment. Guess we’ll have to wait until the final build hits this fall.

Check out our hands on of the previous Android preview in the video below.