It’s a small thing, but it fills us with joy every time. When you hop into the settings of your Android phone and tap on the software build, Google will reveal a fun little Easter Egg as a kind of nerdy secret. In Lollipop, the search giant introduced a maddening Flappy Bird-like game with a Google skin.

What is it this time around? Well, check out the video and find out.

The Easter Egg was actually revealed when Developer Preview 3 hit airwaves a few weeks ago, so this isn’t new for a lot of people. However, for those of you left wondering what secrets Google has in store, now you know. I guess Google didn’t have the time to come up with anything more creative. Flappy Bird is back, just with more Marshmallows. Fun, right?

I kind of prefer the old shrug emoji Google included with the earlier Developer Preview we got our hands on. Oh well, maybe Android N will have something that’s not Flappy Bird-related.