While we constantly hear about how many applications are in the Apple App Store, not much is said officially about the Google Android Marketplace.  There is some unofficial tracking out there, which Google won’t say how accurate it is, and it’s saying things are looking up for the open market.


According to the tracking of AndroLib, it looks like Android will break 100,00 apps by the end of this month.

While it’s obvious the Marketplace is gaining momentum, I can say as an Android user myself, if you thought sorting through iOS apps was bad, you should try it on an Android handset.  At least with Apple you have the chance to go on a computer and browse through the apps on iTunes, with Android you can look through a limited amount on the Web, but the rest of the browsing is done on the phone’s themselves, and that gets tiring really quickly.  Every time the number of apps goes up with this operating system, I don’t cheer, I groan.

I can only imagine what a headache it is for developers to get their apps noticed.  Google is going to have to find a way to make it easier for users to discover new apps or else this trend could quickly reverse as developers just decide it isn’t worth it to work on Android any longer and abandon the platform.

What say you?  Is it too difficult to sort through Android apps as things stand right now?