Android Market ratings

Google has made it a whole lot easier to see how an app stacks in the reviews if you’re using the Web version of the  Android Market.

During the day on Friday, Google rolled out an update to the Android Market that will allow you to see a breakdown of the various reviews an app has received.  Previously you only knew about how many total reviews an app had received and what the average rating was, but the new system, shown above, allows you to see how many of the total reviews were for each star level.

A key feature that is missing, however, is the ability to jump to say all of the 1 star reviews.  While you can be assured the majority of them will be nonsense, there may be some legitimate gripes in there and would be nice to sort those out from the rest of the reviews.

That being said, this is still a very welcome update to the Web interface, and one that was long overdue.  head on over to the Android Market to check it out for yourself.

Will you find this more useful in selecting an application for your Android device?