Android Market

The Android Market is getting a facelift!

Android app search and discovery in the Market was long due for a boost. And so, Google is unleashing five new tweaks to make the experience smarter and better. These features, which are making their debut in the online Market first before arriving in the mobile store later, are:

  • Enhanced Top App charts (with a “fresher” look and country specific items)
  • New Editors’ Choice section, with favs straight from Google
  • New Top Developers icon for apps from devs
  • Better related apps suggestions will show on the app pages
  • New Trending (popular) apps section

The new mobile version of the Android Market was spotted at Google I/O 2011, and pics were snapped, thanks to IntoMobile. (For a look at what smartphone users can expect, scroll to the bottom.)

The UI looks really nice. Definitely more dynamic — pretty, even. From an end user standpoint, I love how the Related Apps works, with its dual-list action. View an app, and you see a list of others that usually get checked out along with it, plus a second list of ones that actually get installed.

Google also announced new support for huge apps (up to 4GB) will be coming next month, along with other Market-related news that’s sure to excite the dev community, including: power to exclude devices to head off compatibility problems, ability to put multiple versions of an app in the Market under one listing, and the expanding paid app support to almost a hundred more countries.

What do you think of the improvements? Are there any they left out, or are you thrilled with the changes on deck?

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