A number of Android phones already come with fingerprint scanners, but later this year Google may really throw its weight behind the popular feature. Multiple reports suggest the company's upcoming Android M update will add native support and easy access for developers.

A report from BuzzFeed claims to confirm the news, adding that the feature will be revealed during Google I/O next week. ArsTechnica also seems pretty certain that biometric support will be a key aspect of Android M. In an ongoing roundup of potential features, the site argues that it's almost inevitable after Google and Motorola just barely missed including a fingerprint reader in the Nexus 6 last fall.

Adding native support would still go a long way in improving Android. It would make it easier for developers to add fingerprint support for their own apps across multiple devices. It may also encourage more phone-makers to include the feature in future phones and tablets.

We'll be covering Google I/O live from San Francisco, so hopefully we'll get a chance to try out Android M's rumored fingerprint reading capabilities first hand. Don't forget to check back next week starting on May 28 for all the Google news you can handle.