One of the biggest issues I have with my iPhone is the blind trust I must have in my phone when that little screen pops up letting me know I am in the vicinity of a wireless network. The network names pop up with some signal strength meters, but the problem then becomes evident. I have no idea where the access points are so if the signal is weak I aimlessly wonder around trying to get closer and improve my wireless signal strength. I had become so frustrated that I turned off Wi-Fi notifications and relied on my already saved networks and cellular data.

89326-1Android owners don’t need to worry about this little annoyance any longer as the free app, Lookator is now available in the Marketplace. Lookator utilizes your phones camera along with augmented reality technology to give a strong visual of Wi-Fi locations as well as signal strength and security status of the network. Finally, with a 360 degree radar type looking visual at the top of the screen you can scan networks all around you without spinning around in circles.

This is a fantastic use of augmented reality and brings the technology from the “cool” stage to the “actually useful” stage. If you keep an eye on your cellular data usage and like connecting to quality Wi-Fi hotspots while out and about this free app is a must.

Do you search out Wi-Fi networks when out around town or do you just let the data usage accumulate? How do find the best hot spots in the area that you are in?