We got a brief glimpse at Android L earlier this year, and now the official name has been revealed: Android Lollipop. Google sure took its sweet time unveiling its new OS, but now consumers and Android superfans can finally get their hands on Google’s Material Design future. And it looks amazing.

There’s a lot to like about Lollipop, and the thing that pops out immediately is how the OS looks. Google says it’s now more fluid, and allows for more “tangible interaction.” That’s just a fancy way of describing on the Lollipop responds to touch with animations. That was a big thing for Google at I/O this year, and from our early experience with the OS, it makes a pretty significant difference.

Material Design is also important not just for how it reacts, but how it looks. Google says it’s more responsive than ever, and features more natural motion. Not only that, but the vivid new colors and typography just look absolutely wonderful, with emphasis on familiar visual elements that makes navigating the device much easier.

Lollipop also emphasizes the ability to complement your other Android devices. So if you have your email open on the Nexus 9, it’ll also show on your phone, giving you the opportunity to pick up right where you left off. It’ll also play nice with Android Wear, too, so you’re always up-to-date across your multiple devices.

Delving even deeper, Lollipop gives users more control over what messages and notifications filter through. If you don’t want spam messages showing up on your lock screen, you can adjust your settings so only important messages from people you care about filter through, known as “Priority mode.” And if you want to quickly take action on a notification, you can respond directly from your lockscreen.

What’s more, Lollipop won’t intrude on whatever it is you’re doing. Say you’re playing a game or watching a video; an incoming phone call won’t interrupt your content, so you can choose to answer the call or just keep on doing what you’re doing. There’s nothing worse than a notification forcing its way onto your screen and taking you out of the app you were in.

Lollipop is Google’s biggest ever release, and shows just how far Android has come over the last few years—from a half-baked idea to arguably the best mobile OS available. Now you have things like a battery saver feature that Google says will extend your phone’s battery by 90 minutes, and even more ways to secure your device. Want to share it with a friend? There’s a new guest user mode for that—you can even create multiple user accounts so friends and family can log into your device.

Android exciting new mobile OS isn’t available just yet, but we’re more excited than ever to get our hands on the final release, especially on Google’s swanky new Nexus products (and some older ones, too).