Android Lollipop (version 5.0 and 5.1) finally has a respectable install base among Android smartphones and tablets. It has taken long enough for the operating system, which made its official debut on consumer handsets last fall, to gain share, though Google’s next operating system, dubbed Android M, is just over the horizon.

According to the latest data provided by Google, Android 5.0/Android 5.1 is now installed on 18.1 percent of all devices, up from 12.4 percent of devices in June. That’s a considerable increase, and can likely be attributed to the broader rollout of updates and the bevy of new devices running Lollipop.

KitKat still has the lion’s share of the install base, however, with a 39.3 percent share of all devices. It’s followed by Jelly Bean with a 33.6 percent install base, Ice Cream Sandwich at 4.1 percent, Gingerbread at 4.6 percent and Froyo, which is installed on just 0.3 percent of all devices.

We expected Android Lollipop’s market share to continue to increase but are curious if it will ever cap out as high as KitKat did. Or will we start to see Android M (and whatever it’s officially called) take over instead?