Android Figure - Google closeup

Google generally saves its big Android updates for the fall, but this year we’ll get a sneak peek at the new operating system during the company’s I/O conference on Wednesday. Bloomberg Businessweek confirmed that the news in a profile of Android and Chrome head Sundar Pichai on Tuesday, though we’re still not sure what Google will call the next version of Android.

Pichai tells Bloomberg he wants to push the company toward transparency when it comes to the mobile OS, suggesting the software we see this week could be an unfinished version of the next major Android update that will launch later this year, instead of immediately.  “I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” he told the magazine.

The decision brings Google’s strategy closer to Apple, which typically announces its next big iOS update months before the general release. Whether that means we’ll get to try out a beta version of “Android L” — the name most pundits have given the update — later this week is unclear, but at the very least we should be getting a clear look at the new operating system far earlier than usual this year.

We’ll be covering Google’s big keynote presentation live from California tomorrow, so stay tuned for all the Android news and more as it breaks. To tide you over, check out this gallery that might show us a bit of what we can expect.