Google Android Key Lime Pie 7

What will Android Key Lime Pie bring to the table that Android Jelly Bean doesn’t already offer? It’s a question that many have wondered but few know the answer to. Mobile backend development firm Kinvey recently created an infographic that details all of the features introduced in various versions of Android. At the end it compiles several rumored features that may appear in Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Kinvey says it expects Key Lime Pie will offer new performance profiles, presumably for better managing your processor’s toll on battery life, tighter social media integration, the ability to keep your text messages in sync across multiple devices – that would be huge for Android tablet/smartphone owners – enhanced multi-device support, the ability to enter in codes for app previews or free installations, and built-in video chat. To be fair, Google Hangouts already offers a built-in video chat option, but perhaps Google can introduce a more seamless offering.

Android history infographic 640