Android and iOS, if you aren’t already well aware, are dominating the global smartphone market. Research firm IDC recently found that the two operating systems accounted for 92.3 percent of all global smartphone shipments during the first quarter of this year. Combined, 199.5 million units shipped during the first quarter running those operating systems, up 59.1 percent from the same time last year.

IDC also noted another stunning point: Windows Phone surpassed BlackBerry as the third most popular operating system. “Windows Phone claiming the third spot is a first and helps validate the direction taken by Microsoft and key partner Nokia,” IDC senior research analyst Kevin Restivo remarked. “Given the relatively low volume generated, the Windows Phone camp will need to show further gains to solidify its status as an alternative to Android or iOS.”


162.1 million Android smartphones shipped during the quarter, representing a 75 percent market share, up 79.5 percent from Q1 2012. 37.4 million iOS devices shipped for 17.3 percent share, up 6.6 percent from Q1 2012. 7 million Windows Phone units shipped for a 3.2 percent share,m up 133.3 percent from Q1 2012. BlackBerry shipped just 6.3 million devices for a 2.9 percent share, down 35.1 percent from last year.