comScore released its latest snapshot of the U.S. mobile market on Wednesday and found that, while Samsung and Apple’s market share both increased during the three-month period ended Jan. 2013, Android’s market share slipped a bit while iOS increased.

Apple’s market share increased 3.5 percentage points to a 37.8 percent grip on the U.S. smartphone market. Samsung’s share increased 1.9 percentage points to a 21.4 percent share of the market. Meanwhile, HTC and Motorola saw a decrease of 1.7 percentage points and 1.4 percentage points to shares of 9.7 percent and 8.6 percent, respectively.


Android is still, by far, the most popular mobile operating system in the United States with a 52.3 percent market share. However, that figure decreased 1.3 percentage points from the last comScore report (Oct. 2012). Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS share increased 3.5 percentage points to 37.8 percent. BlackBerry’s share fell 1.9 percentage points to 5.9 percent, but this likely doesn’t include the launch of BlackBerry 10. Microsoft and Symbian have a 3.1 percent and 0.5 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market.