Android fans, your ranks are growing, surging in fact — at least by the looks of Andy Rubin's tweet this morning. Google's Android honcho says the company is now activating 500,000 devices every day. That's 100,000 more than the daily activations announced in May at Google I/O.

Google had already announced that activations numbered 100 million devices, spanning 36 OEMS and 215 carriers. The Android environment was thick with as many as 450,000 devs and 200,000 consumer-oriented applications for 310 Android devices across 112 countries.

Needless to say, the number of Android devices has gone up since then. According to Rubin's tweet, the rate of activations are currently increasing 4.4 percent week over week. Pundits are crediting this growth to the tablet market, with devices from Motorola, Samsung, and HTC taking on Apple's iPad.

Are you an Android user? Was a tablet the reason you jumped onboard with this OS? Let us know how you came to the platform in the comments below.

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