Nielsen Q3 11 Smartphone DataAre you part of the "cool" crowd? The above infograph should uncover the truth. According to data released by Nielsen, 71 percent of Americans own a smartphone that is either an iPhone or Android device. That information in and of itself isn't particularly shocking. What is most revealing is that Android continues to pull ahead of iOS as the most widely used smartphone OS in the nation.

The data shows that Google's Android OS grew to take 42.8 percent of the market share pie over the last three months, while Apple took 28.3 percent. Further down the pecking order, Research In Motion is hanging on for dear life at 17.8 percent, and way, way down there is Windows Phone.

Nielsen also revealed that smartphones are generally trending up with U.S. consumers. Roughly 44 percent of the nation's postpaid subscribers now have a smartphone, and 56 percent of people who purchased a device in the last three months went the smartphone route.

If you own a smartphone, can you imagine going back to a regular old phone?