Andy Rubin, the father of Android who eventually sold the operating system to Google and joined the inner ranks of the tech giant to serve as head of Android, recently said that his initial goal was to create an operating system for cameras.

"The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones," Andy Rubin said while speaking in Tokyo recently, according to a report from PCWorld. Oddly enough, Android does indeed power cameras these days, but it's primarily used in tablets and smartphones. In fact, here's a recent stat: Google chairman Eric Schmidt said Tuesday that there are now more than 1.5 million Android devices activated daily, most of those are smartphones and tablets.

Speaking of Andy Rubin, while he was once the father of Android he has since stepped down to pursue a "new chapter" inside Google. Sundar Pichai will now serve as the head of the mobile operating system — one that was once destined purely for cameras.