Google's holding a press event today to talk about Honeycomb. No, not the cereal, the tablet-optimized version of Android otherwise known as 3.0. We won't be at the event, but Google and their PR folks have decided to stream the shindig on YouTube.

So let's hang out and watch together, yeah? Bookmark it right here, Buffalo!

I'll be live on our uStream channel, with the YouTube stream playing on my other monitor, ready to take your questions, chat about the news, or just offer some entirely irreverent (or is that irrelevant?) commentary on whatever it is the Android team decides to show the world tomorrow morning. New Honeycomb features? Google's mobile music service? Hints at what dessert the next Android release will be named after? Whatever it is, I'll be there. Or, at least, I'll be on our uStream channel watching.

So come join the fun starting at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST. You can watch the stream and type at me in the chat room right here, from the comfort of

In the meantime, amuse us all in the comments with your predictions for the event. My money's on Chad Ochocinco not showing up but claiming he was invited, only to have had his Bugatti Veyron get stuck in the San Francisco to Mountain View rush hour traffic.