Google would like your organization to use Android phones. That’s always been the case, but we haven’t really seen a serious push for the platform in the workplace. Now there’s a solution to help organizations better understand how Android can serve them and their employees.

With the introduction of Android Enterprise Recommended, Google offers a program that allows organizations to see certified devices that are secure and easy to manage.

The program “establishes best practices and common requirements” for both hardware and software. Just any device won’t be able to be Android Enterprise Recommended.

Testing done by Google must conclude that a device features specific hardware including Android 7.0 Nougat or above, is prepared for bulk deployment with zero-touch enrollment, will receive security updates within 90 days for at least three years, and can be purchased unlocked.

Google’s Pixel devices are, of course, meeting the requirements set for the program. Other devices include the BlackBerry KeyOne and Motion, Huawei Mate 10 and P10, LG V30 and G6, Motorola Z2 and X4, Nokia 8, and Sony XZ1 and XA2. The entire list of 20+ devices can be found on the dedicated site for enterprise partners.

Organizations should be able to easily support, update, and secure the devices distributed over time as long as they stick with what Google certifies.