As Google does every month, the search giant released Android distribution numbers, showing a meager jump for Lollipop (and a small decline for older versions). At this point, you’d really expect Google’s latest update to be on a wider range of devices, but the software has only just surpassed 20 percent, with KitKat and Jelly Bean still comprising the lion’s share.

Last month, Lollipop was installed on 18.1 percent of all devices since its release in 2014. Google’s new software typically picks up a head of steam after five or six months as new devices are released with the latest software. For example, in June, Lollipop was only on 12.4 percent of all devices; the current figure is at 21 percent, which is a pretty significant jump. Earlier versions, such as Froyo, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich are still showing up, though their numbers are dwindling.

Google is gearing up to release Android Marshmallow this fall, possibly in October, which means users will yet again be months behind the latest software (unless you own a Nexus phone). We are, by the way, expecting two new Nexus devices at the end of the month—that’s about the only way to guarantee you’ll get to use Google’s latest update soon after its release.