Android customization has always been a badge of honor worn by fans of Google’s OS. And there are seemingly infinite ways to tweak and customize the experience exactly to one’s liking—not something easily achieved in other ecosystems. So where does one start when beginning the customizing journey? Well, here’s a good place to begin. And once you’ve done that, there are also many, many great icon packs out there that’ll help you achieve the exact look that you want.

As handsome and functional as Android Lollipop might be, the bright, flat look doesn’t appeal to everyone. And there’s just something about tweaking an OS to reflect your unique personality. Maybe you want more rounded icons, or maybe you want something more transparent. Hey, there’s something for everyone, which is such a big draw of Android in the first place.

Like everything Android, the video above in no way encompasses the breadth of what the ecosystem has to offer. There’s a very good chance we left some great icons pack out, in which case you should tell us your favorites in the comments down below. We’ve included a list of the icon packs mentioned in the video, along with direct links to them in the Google Play store.

Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear what you think. Combining a solid launcher with an icon pack can be a liberating experience, especially if you’re into customizing your device. These are just some of our favorites.