Android Figure lineup

Get ready for Android apps everywhere. A new tool from Google spotted by Ars Technica makes it possible for developers to add support for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux using the ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) Welder.

ARC was originally only available to chosen third-party developers who worked with Google to get Android apps running on other devices through the Chrome browser. Now that it's available to everyone we should see lots of mobile applications start to work on laptops and desktop computers. There are still some limits to what you can do though. Maps, Play Games, in-app purchases and cloud-to-device messaging all crashed in Ars Technica's tests, though hopefully Google can fix this issue soon.

The option to run the same app across so many platforms is pretty exciting. For developers it may mean coding just once for Android instead of creating multiple versions of the same service. For the rest of us it could also make switching between smartphone and desktop even more seamless.