U.S. users have been enjoying Amazon's Android App Store since its launch back in March, but those of us outside of the U.S. have been unable to take advantage of the service. However, speculation that the Amazon App Store is about to launch internationally has been fueled by a number of users who claim to have successfully purchased content using accounts from Europe, India, Australia and the Netherlands.

In addition to those users who have had success, Engadget says that they were able to purchase Android applications from Amazon.com using an Amazon U.K. account, but Amazon is yet to announce the availability of its App Store outside of the U.S. Its websites for these territories have also seen no changes.

Not everyone has been successful at making international purchases, however. TechRadar also tried to download Android applications from Amazon.com using a U.K. account, and I also attempted with my own account, and we both saw geographical restrictions that prevented any purchasing.

The official status of the Amazon App Store is unclear at this point, then, however, it certainly seems as though the company is slowly rolling out access to international users. Some clarification on the situation has been requested from Amazon, but we'd expect an announcement shortly once the roll-out is complete.

If you haven't already made use of the Amazon App Store, it's a great alternative to the official Android Market. Not only does the service allow you to test-drive certain application on your PC before you commit to a purchase, but it also offers a free download on a daily basis.

Have you been able to download applications from the Amazon App Store from outside of the U.K.?

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