What iPhone 5 and iOS Needs To Win Against Android (Angry Android)

Android is gaining even more market share when it comes to mobile operating systems, but don't count iOS just yet.

ComScore has released its latest quarterly numbers as to which mobile operating systems are dominating the market, and Android is still the king. For the fourth quarter of 2012 the little-robot-that-could gained .9 percent more market share to now claim 53.4 percent of the devices out there. Meanwhile, Apple's iOS gained 2 percent to now stand at 36.3 percent.

Where are these new percentage points coming from? BlackBerry fell from 8.4 percent to 6.4 percent, but that was somewhat to be expected as everyone was awaiting the release of BlackBerry 10. Over at Microsoft, the Washington-based company dropped from 3.6 percent to 2.9 percent. With the push that the company is putting behind its Windows Phone platform, that is a bit surprising as this data includes the all-important holiday shopping season.

When it comes to device manufacturers and their share of the hardware market, Apple is still the dominant force with an increase of two percent to now have 36.3 percent of sales. Samsung climbed as well with a gain of 2.3 percent to now control 21 percent of the market. HTC slipped 1.8 percent to end up with 10.2 percent, while Motorola also tumbled by .7 percent to be left with 9.1 percent of the market. LG saw a small gain of a half percent to end the quarter with 7.1 percent.

The sheer volume of Android handsets released each month pretty much guarantee that Android will continue its dominance of the OS landscape, but as for hardware, it's going to take some time to catch up with Cupertino.