Google I:O 2014 Android Figure

Google typically keeps the candy-themed name of each new Android update a secret for as long as possible, but the company could take a different route in 2016. According to CEO Sundar Pichai the Android 7.0 name could be decided by the public through an online poll.

He hinted at the new plan during a recent interview in India at the Shri Ram College of Commerce. When asked whether Android 7.0 could be named after a local sweet, Pichai, who was born and raised in India, suggested an online poll could be one way to even the playing field. “If all Indians vote, I think we can make it happen,” he said (via NDTV).

It’s unclear if an online poll would still limit the choices to names beginning with the letter N, though we assume Google would want to keep that part of the tradition intact. We really like the idea of opening up the decision to Android fans and users. It sounds like Pichai may not be totally serious here, but hopefully he’ll at least consider the option.

We still don’t know much about Android 7.0. One big addition may be split screen support—especially for Android tablets—and in a recent Reddit AMA interview Google said that specific feature is already “in the works.” The next major update probably won’t arrive until the fall of  2016 though, leaving the company plenty of time to finalize any decisions and decide on a name.