Google has shared the latest set of Android distribution figures on its Developer Dashboard. As expected, the numbers reveal that Android 7.0 adoption is on the rise, climbing an impressive 2.1 percent since last month.

For the first time in a while, distribution of all other builds of the open-source operating system have taken a bit of a tumble, though Lollipop still remains the most-used version, with a total adoption rate of 32 percent (down 0.5 percent).

These figures don’t account for all Android devices

We should probably point out that these figures don’t account for all Android-powered devices. Google collects the data by recording the OS a unit was running when it accessed the Play Store over a 7-day period.

But what exactly does this mean? Well, put plainly, if a user didn’t download an application or install an update between March 27 and April 3, their handset won’t be included.