Google is expected to offer a first official look at Android N this May at its I/O developers conference, but the first details are already leaking out. Now a new report from Android Police offers even more information on the update along with some new renders.

The latest leak focuses entirely on Android N’s settings menu, which could see a few functional and visual changes. One big tweak is a new “Do not disturb” bar at the top of the page, making it easy to quickly toggle this option. The entire design has also been updated, replacing the dividers that were between individual items with dividers for entire sections instead.

The settings menu now displays more information from its main list, meaning you won’t have to dive into the trenches as much. “Data usage” now shows how much data you’ve actually used while “Display” reveals whether adaptive brightness is on.

Notifications and Sound have been split into their own separate sections, with only the former showing up in the top-level settings menu. Finally, there’s the new hamburger menu, which pops up once you’re a level deep into the settings page.

These are all relatively small changes, but if you’re an Android user it may take a day or two to adjust to the redesign. We’re also expecting a few more exciting improvements with the N update, though we may not know for sure until it’s actually released in late 2016.