Motorola has today begun rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop to 2014 Moto X Pure Edition devices in the U.S. The release includes a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as some nice improvements to notifications, Quick Settings, and more.

This update comes just days after Motorola brought Android 5.1 to the original Moto X, and while it’s not quite as big as earlier Lollipop releases, it’s still well worth looking forward to. One of its biggest improvements is for notifications and interruptions.

Users now have the ability to block interruptions until their next alarm, and enter scheduled “downtimes” early. Motorola has also added Google’s much-improved volume controls, which let you quickly adjust notification volume even when media is playing in the background.

Inside the Quick Settings menu, users now have the ability to switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections in just a couple of taps, while the new “chop twice” gesture activates the Moto X’s flashlight in an instant with two swift karate-chopping motions.

If you have a Pure Edition Moto X and you haven’t already received an update notification, you can check for the update manually within the software update section inside the Settings app. Bear in mind, however, that it could take Motorola some time to make it available to all users.