Google Nexus 6-vs-iPhone-6-Plus-8

Is Android 5.0 the most stable platform Google has ever released, or is iOS 8 just buggier than its predecessors? Either way, apps running under Lollipop crash less than those running under its biggest rival, a new report claims.

Data collected by performance management solution Crittercism found the app crash rate for iOS 8 to be 2.2%, while Lollipop's was just 2%. However, devices still running iOS 7 proved to be even more stable than that, with an app crash rate of just 1.9%.

Users on Twitter and other social networks have been complaining about iOS 8's instability since it made its debut last fall. It seems to be Apple's most unreliable mobile software in recent history, and Crittercism's figures prove that to be the case.

Android, on the other hand, is only improving. Lollipop was found to be significantly more stable than both KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich, which both had app crash rates of 2.6%. Figures for Jelly Bean were not published.

Of course, no matter which platform you prefer, an app crash rate of 2.2% or lower is still pretty impressive, and it means that around 98% of the time, your apps are going to work just great for you. Sure, we'd all love super-stable software that never gives up, but that's an unrealistic expectation in the modern day.