android 5.0 lollipop easter egg

Every new version of Android comes with a not-so-secret easter egg, and this week’s 5.0 update is no exception. The thing is, usually all you get is a cool little animation, but Google really went all out with Lollipop. Hidden inside the upgraded operating system is an Android-themed Flappy Bird clone that you can actually play.

To find the easter egg, which was spotted by Android Central, you’ll need a device running the latest developer preview. Then head into the settings menu and tap on “Android version” repeatedly until a cartoon image of a lollipop takes over the screen. Keep tapping on the candy to make it change color or hold it down to launch the game.

What you get is a pretty perfect copy of Flappy Bird with the Android mascot, lollipops to avoid and a Material Design-inspired visual style. The game itself looks pretty hard—maybe even harder than the original. Of course if it’s anything like Flappy Bird this could also turn out to be incredibly addictive, so be careful if you’re the type of person who can get obsessed with this kind of game.