It’s been almost eight months since Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it’s still running on less than 10 percent of all Android devices. That’s according to Google, which released the latest distribution numbers on Tuesday.

It turns out the Lollipop is currently running on 9.7 percent of Android devices, followed by KitKat, which is now the most popular version of Google’s software with 39.8 percent of the market. Android Jelly Bean is a close second though, running on a combined 39.2 percent of devices. At the other end of the pack, Gingerbread is holding on at 5.7, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich (5.3 percent) and Froyo (0.3 percent.)

None of this comes as a huge surprise, and Android updates are slow for a number of reasons. Fragmentation in the hardware used by different devices and manufacturers means each Android update needs to be tweaked for many different models. Individual carriers also slow things down with their own testing and additional bloatware.

It could be a while before Android 5.0 Lollipop becomes the most popular version of Google’s operating system, though adoption will likely pick up as more companies release phones and tablets running the new software. Still, it could take as long as a year before Lollipop finally takes the crown.