Samsung’s latest Lollipop update for the Galaxy Note 4 — Android 5.0.1 — doesn’t just bring some crucial bug fixes, but also a proper mute mode that’s been missing from Android since Lollipop made its public debut last fall.

“Samsung didn’t really make a big deal out of this for some reason, but the latest over-the-air update for the Galaxy Note 4 brings in some nice new features added with some bug fixes,” reports SamMobile, which first spotted its rollout.

The most significant change is mute mode, which can be activated from within the Quick Settings menu by tapping the “Sound” button.

Just like mute modes in older versions of Android, it disables all sounds and the vibrate function, so that calls, emails, messages, and other notifications cannot wake you up late at night by buzzing away on your bedside table.

For some reason, Google didn’t bake a stock mute mode into its own Lollipop firmware, so manufacturers like Samsung have had to implement it into their own interfaces. That’s one thing third-party UIs have over pure Android right now.

Another important change in this update is a fix for the frustrating force close error that affected the Contacts app in Samsung’s early Lollipop update. It was one of the few bugs that were present in the Note 4’s first Android 5.0 release, but it was a big one.

Samsung has been very slow at bringing its Lollipop software to Note 4 owners, but now that this force close issue is fixed, we hope to see the South Korean company speeding up its upgrade efforts for its most recent flagship phablet.

This particular release has already begun its rollout in a number of European markets — including the U.K., Germany, Portugal, and Sweden — and we expect it to appear in the U.S. and elsewhere in the coming weeks.