Android 4.2 Quick Settings

While Android 4.2 is still some time away, a build taken from the LG Nexus 4 has already made its way into the wild. It's only an alpha build, so it's very much incomplete at this point, but it does reveal some interesting things about Google's next-generation Android platform.

The most interesting thing to appear so far is the appearance of a dual pulldown panel. Rather than just one pulldown for notifications, this particular build — obtained by Android Police — has two: one for notifications, and one for quick settings. The video below demonstrates the feature:

Having two pulldowns makes a lot of sense. Integrating quick settings into the notification pulldown — as some Android 4.1 builds do — takes up a lot of space, which is inconvenient if you have a smartphone with a smaller display, as it means you see fewer notifications onscreen at once.

The new approach appears to be much nice — swipe once for notifications, twice for settings.

What's more, the new pulldown leaves the status bar visible at all times — whereas in Android 4.1, the status bar is hidden by the notification pulldown.

Of course, there's a chance this feature won't make it into the final Android 4.2 build. Android Police is quick to stress that this is a very early alpha that's very unstable. It's a "serious work in progress," the report notes, and so features that are present may be scrapped before the software gets its public debut.

What do you think to a dual pulldown panel for Android 4.2?

[Via: Android Police]