Apple is set to announce its latest quarterly earnings a short time from now, so the analysts are making their predictions in droves of what we can expect.  Some of the numbers seem a bit far fetched (I’m looking at you Mark Beauch), but all of them share one common trend: Apple did far better than even they predicted.

Fortune rounded up the predictions of 58 different analysts – 16 independent analysts and 42 who work for large investment houses or research organizations – and they all seem to concur that Apple is on track for another record breaking quarter.  A few come in under the record, but not by a whole lot.  You can see the chart below (click for a larger view), and you can see that things look incredibly sunny for Apple.

Apple Q4 2011 chart

Fortune also compiled what they feel to be “the whisper numbers” – the predictions that Wall Street “whisper” to one another, and if a company fails to meet them, can drive the stock down – and they are also pretty generous.

  • Revenue: $33 billion
  • EPS: $8.88
  • iPhone unit sales: 22.35 million
  • iPod unit sales: 7.56 million
  • Mac unit sales: 4.72 million
  • iPad unit sales: 13.06 million
  • Gross margin: 41.3%

At least one analyst, Colin Gillis of BGC Financial, predicted yesterday that Apple will miss its numbers and the stock will fall, but it appears that he may be one of the few disenters this time around.

We’ll know shortly who got it right, but how do you think Apple did this quarter?

[via Fortune]