Apple CEO Tim Cook

Analysts can be really silly with their predictions. They’re so off base sometimes, in fact, that I had to write an editorial about why I’m so sick and tired of their predictions. Today, another analyst made a rather embarrassing prediction that’s so funny I had to share. According to Rob Enderle, head of analyst firm Enderle Group, Apple will “likely” employ the help of a celebrity to introduce the iPhone 5. Why?

Enderle said that Apple CEO Tim Cook “will have real difficulty creating the kind of magic that Jobs was able to summon up.” So, in an effort to boost that presence, Enderle thinks that Apple will bring a celebrity on stage (he doesn’t name who the celebrity might be) to “help create the kind of on-stage presence that Steve Jobs once had, and Tim Cook lacks.”

No, I don’t think this will happen. In fact, I think it’s so absurd that I laughed when I first saw the headlines citing Enderle. Why would the CEO of the world’s most valuable company ever let someone else introduce a product that his company worked so hard to develop? This has nothing to do with stage presence, it has to do with the head of a company representing his firm and the dedication that all of his employees put into its iPhone 5.

Worse, Enderle apparently thinks that nobody will even watch the event because of the extensive iPhone 5 leaks.

Yeah, right.

[via CultofMac]