Amazon Kindle Fire Lock ScreenThere’s no question the Kindle Fire has had an impact on the tablet market. Even at the end of January, the device was still the number one bestselling, most gifted and most wished for product on While no official Kindle Fire sales have been revealed, one analyst believes the online retail giant sold more than six million units over the holiday period. Pretty impressive for such a short time frame. Because the tablet has been such a hit, Pacific Crest analyst Chad Bartley believes Amazon is set to release a bigger iteration and, if that’s the case, sell nearly 15 million units in 2012.

“We are raising our 2012 sales forecasts to 14.9 million from 12.7 million,” Bartley said. “But we believe there is an upward bias, particularly from the new 7- and 9-inch models, which we expect to launch in mid-2012.”

A larger Kindle Fire has been touched upon before, but so far nothing substantial has been revealed other than mere speculation. One aspect that has made the Fire such a huge success is its small price compared to the competition. But one wonders if they could retain that strategy with a bigger offering. Amazon would almost have to, especially with Apple’s iPad 3 set to hit in early March.

“Maybe they’ll call it the Kindle Conflagration,” All Things D offers.

Whether or not a larger Kindle Fire will hit in mid-2012 remains to be seen. Recent data suggests that tablet size does in fact matter, resting between the 8 – 10-inch range. While that’s not enough to suggest a 9-inch+ Kindle Fire is coming, it at least shows that consumers have a preference and, who knows, maybe that preference will wind up being a bigger Fire.

[via All Things D]