The Essential Phone launched five months ago to much fan fare, but its sky high price and underperforming camera made it hard to recommend. Fast forward to today, Essential has slashed the price and dramatically improved the camera, making it much more appealing buy, yet there’s still one bug it hasn’t gotten around to fixing.

That issue is a weird touch latency issue with the display. In a recent AMA Reddit, Essential engineers said the company is actively trying to fix the issue and a software upgrade is on the way. Here is the complete statement.

I know we’ve been saying this for weeks but we have pulled aside resources that specifically committed to improving touch and latency. There are trade offs we are testing internally and our goal is to provide something in the 8.1 release we just need to make sure by fixing the jitter issue that we are not creating another problem. Sorry this is taking so long, we just want to get it right given how vocal our audience is.

It’s refreshing to see Essential be transparent about the issue. At this point, that’s about all it can do. Like we’ve seen from Apple these past few months, it doesn’t matter which device or software you are using, issues will arise.

We’ll keep you posted when the update becomes available.