Flowtown released an infographic that will send a chill down the back of a lot of bloggers.  Why would it?  Well, once again it spreads the idea that bloggers make a lot of money writing their thoughts down on the Internet.

Please stop doing this.

While it is true that some people make an a goodly sized amount of money with blogs, it is not the norm.  Time and time again I have seen people start a blog, post a couple times, and then they stop because they don’t see an enormous wave of money coming their way.  Just like anything else in this life, you have to work at it to succeed, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.  Sometimes, depending on your subject, it never happens.

Case in point, my personal blog.  While I have been pretty successful with my professional blogging, my personal blog doesn’t even make enough money each month to cover my server costs.  Why do I keep doing it?  Because I love it, and I have put over five years into it now.  It’s some place for me to go and blow off steam about things that annoy me, geek out over things that excite me and so on, but I mainly do it because I just love blogging.

Don’t let some infographic convince you that you should start a blog for money, you start it out of love.  And if you do want to start a blog, why not start one right here on TechnoBuffalo?  It’s free, and it’ll let you give it a try, and hone your skills.

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