For a lot of people, Hulu Plus is like a necessary evil. No, you don't get quite the same content through the mobile app that you would online, and your $7.99 per month for shows and movies still comes with ads. But it's still at the top of the heap for streaming current content to mobile devices like tablets.

Flawed or no, the service is a must on the iPad. Big screen Android users, however, have been waiting for what seems like forever just to to get some love.

Well finally, there's word that an Android tablet is officially getting Hulu Plus today. Care to lay any guesses as to which one? Samsung Galaxy Tab? Asus Eee Pad Transformer? Xoom? Nope, nein, none of the above. You'll never guess which one is getting first dibs: It's the Vizio 8. (If you're thinking, "Huh?", you're not the only one.)

Why would they launch the Android debut on a device with such a modest following? I suppose there might be some sort of weird streaming rights issues at play that has the company doing this to buy some time before throwing open the flood gates. And at least it would offer Hulu a chance to work out any bugs on a smaller pool of users. Then again, if that was true, wouldn't it have made more sense to roll it out on a Honeycomb tablet over an Android 2.3 device?

Well, it may not be perfect, but it's the only theory I've got. If you've got a different one, weigh in.

Of course, you could try to go an unsanctioned route, as some do. Or just take this as a positive sign that there's progress being made here. And hey, think of it this way — at $299, the Vizio 8/Hulu Plus combo at least offers a cheaper way to have large-screen Hulu Plus on this platform.

Are you encouraged by this development or frustrated? Any Vizio users excited by this news?

[via This Is My Next]